Review policy

9th International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems ICCES 2024

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At the ICCES Conference, we value the integrity, quality, and transparency of our review processes. We are committed to maintaining a fair, rigorous, and ethical review policy for all submissions.

The policy as follows:

All submissions will be evaluated based on their merits and adherence to relevant guidelines and standards.

Submissions will be subject to peer review by experts in the field who possess relevant knowledge and experience.

The overall similarity score should be less than 15% and Single-source similarity should be less than 5% for a submission to be considered for the review process.

We employ a double-blind review process, where the identities of both the authors and the reviewers are concealed.

The content of submissions should not be disclosed to others, discussed publicly, or used for personal gain.

Reviewers declare any potential conflicts of interest related to the work they are reviewing.

Reviewers report any concerns about ethical issues, such as plagiarism, conflicts of interest, or undisclosed funding sources, to the appropriate authority within our organization.

Each submitted article undergoes a rigorous review process by three to four independent reviewers.

We encourage reviewers to meet established deadlines.

Articles are recommended for acceptance based on a consensus of approval from at least two of the reviewers.